About NSTI

Risk Management

North Slope Telecom IncAt NSTI, we focus on safety as a core value and motivate employees to take responsibility for themselves as well as their co-workers. Managing risk successfully is an integral part of our business and we require subcontractors to adhere to the same stringent safety standards that we set for ourselves.

All company personnel are required to take an active and consistent role in this safety program for the prevention of incidents and injuries. Managers, supervisors, and staff plan hazard evaluations and mitigation into their work as an organizational priority and a personal value. Our commitment to safety has resulted in an excellent safety record and NSTI has consistently been recognized as a top performer in the field of Safety and Health.
We comply with all applicable provisions of the relevant governmental agency for safety, health, and sanitation statutes, as well as specific client directives and policies.



Technology & Resources

technology resources of North Slope Telecom Inc NSTI is strongly positioned to support our customers on large-scale projects from the initial exploration phase to permanent production infrastructure. NSTI specializes in turn-key solutions and serves customers primarily from the energy and resource extraction industry as well as in local, state and federal governments. At the same time we have maintained our flexibility to assist smaller customers equally well. We operate where ever you need us; both domestically and abroad. Our Anchorage facilities allow for systems fabrication and testing, materials staging and secure storage in addition to office space for project management and support staff. NSTI provides specialized telecommunications consulting, design, installation and maintenance for:

  • Inside/Outside Plant Cabling
    (Fiber, Copper)
  • Voice and Data Networks
  • Land Mobile Radio Systems
  • Tower Construction
  • Satellite Backhaul
  • Cellular and Paging Systems
  • Marine & Ground-to-Air Communications
  • Communication Facilities
  • DC Power Distribution & Battery Plants
  • Remote Power Systems
  • Industrial Control Systems (SCADA)
  • Site Surveys
  • FCC Licensing

NSTI is committed to providing quality, state-of-the-art, reasonably priced system design, construction management, and installation services to our clients while maintaining exemplary safety standards.



North Slope Telecom Inc in Anchorage1980-89: In 1980 NSTI begins to support onshore and offshore drilling projects on the North Slope of Alaska and in diverse geographic regions such as the Gulf of Alaska, Beaufort Sea, Chukchi Sea, Navarin and Saint George Basins, Norton Sound and Cook Inlet. These projects require offshore microwave systems, satellite links utilizing stabilized & fixed antennas, telephone and data networks, aircraft navigation aids, HF/UHF/VHF 2-way radio systems and a variety of marine electronics.
1989: NSTI becomes the main Alaska telecommunications contractor during the Exxon Valdez cleanup efforts.
1990-1999: Based on the exemplary emergency response performance, NSTI is selected by the Alaska Petroleum Industry to engineer, install and implement wide-area spill response communication systems for all major Alaska spill response cooperatives. NSTI doubles in size as the company continues to support drilling and infrastructure builds in the North Slope oilfields and the seas surrounding Alaska. During this period, NSTI also supports telecommunications projects in Africa.
2000-2009: In addition to oil & gas exploration and field infrastructure development, NSTI completes work in public safety systems and provides communications for disaster recovery in Alaska and in the Gulf of Mexico after Hurricane Katrina. The Alaska Land Mobile Radio System is built in this period.
Since 2010: Despite the economic downturn, NSTI has continued to increase its workforce and has completed the construction of a new warehouse to accommodate further expansion. By strengthening our partnership with Motorola we can offer additional benefits to our customers as a Motorola Solutions Silver Channel Partner for Professional & Commercial Radio applications. During the 2010 response to the Deepwater Horizon disaster, NSTI played a major role in supporting the clean-up efforts across the vast geographic region and among all jurisdictions.