In a client-based industry, NSTI meets and exceeds all expectations. For the past 20 years they have been integral for engineering, design, and implementation of projects along the Western North Slope.”

Jason Storey, ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc


“North Slope Telecom delivered our Land Mobile Radio upgrade on-time and on budget. From the statewide multi-site FCC licensing, equipment specifications, to the first-site installation, NSTI earned their Motorola Platinum status with a well-integrated vehicle tracking application for remote site personnel safety, as well as handling the after-sale warranty details. Thanks to Luke, Brian, and the entire staff at NSTI for a successful project!”

Jay Fisk, ARCTEC Alaska

Communication Infrastructure & Digital Oilfield Solutions for Oil Exploration

NSTI has provided communication infrastructure and digital oilfield solutions support for the Alaskan petroleum industry for over 29 years. NSTI has received industry-wide recognition for its ability to respond quickly to unique communication challenges in the exploration environment and to provide reliable service under a variety of extreme weather conditions. NSTI has completed approximately 95 exploration communication support projects in the Alaskan on-shore and … Read More


“Ward did outstanding work with enthusiasm and a great attitude.”

Fred McAdams, Operations Manager, Alaska Clean Seas

Prudhoe Bay Microwave Radio Upgrade

This project involved the replacement of existing 2 GHz analog microwave radio systems with new 18 GHz digital microwave radios. Over 90 radios were upgraded. Each system was assembled and tested at NSTI’s lab, shipped to the customer’s site and installed. Detailed cutover plans were developed that limited system outage times to a 12-hour shift. Over 8,000 high-time work hours were logged with no incidents or near misses. This project was nominated for the BP … Read More


“I found the web site to be most helpful and Whitney to be very polite and most helpful and I would recommend your services in the future.”

Brad Cook, Alaska Scrap

2016 – In Review

In the face of declining oil prices and a statewide economic recession, North Slope Telecom has a lot to be grateful for in the last year! 2016 was a tough time for Alaskans, losing about 6,800 jobs and thereby netting the first annual jobs loss for the state since 2009 (Zak, Annie “2016 was bad for the Alaska job market. 2017 might be worse.” Alaska Dispatch News 5 Jan. 2017: Web. 8 Mar. 2017).  Then, in October of 2016, Alaska recorded the … Read More


“Whitney with NSTI went way above and beyond our expectations with great customer service and great products. She took the time to make sure that our needs were met and followed through to ensure that everything worked as promised. I would absolutely recommend NSTI and our organization will continue to partner with them in the future.”

Brad Lowery, Executive Pastor, Anchorage First Assembly

ASTAC, AT&T and NSTI Deploy Broadband Cellular Network on the Edge of Exploration

Oilfield camp workers at the Greater Mooses Tooth Unit in NPR-A now have 4G cell service, thanks to a partnership among Arctic Slope Telephone Cooperative Association, AT&T, and North Slope Telecom, Inc. Another successful partnership creating a successful project!  Anchorage, Alaska – Arctic Slope Telephone Cooperative Association (ASTAC) has teamed with AT&T and North Slope Telecom, Inc. to provide ice road crews and other workers superior … Read More

FAQ: Evolving Intrinsic Safety Standards

What does 'Intrinsically Safe' actually mean? Electronics sometimes create tiny arcs or produce heat during normal operation; both of which could become an ignition source under the right circumstances. This likely doesn’t concern you unless, of course, you work in an area where tiny sparks can cause big explosions. In such a case, you have to use intrinsically safe radios… but what does that mean? Intrinsic Safety (IS) is an approved protection level for the safe … Read More