FAQ: Evolving Intrinsic Safety Standards

What does 'Intrinsically Safe' actually mean? Electronics sometimes create tiny arcs or produce heat during normal operation; both of which could become an ignition source under the right circumstances. This likely doesn’t concern you unless, of course, you work in an area where tiny sparks can cause big explosions. In such a case, you have to use intrinsically safe radios… but what does that mean? Intrinsic Safety (IS) is an approved protection level for the safe … Read More

Oooguruk Island Telecommunications System

NSTI was selected by Pioneer Natural Resources to engineer, acquire and install all project telecommunications infrastructure. Built as an offshore drill site, Oooguruk Island is located 5.4 miles off the North Slope of Alaska, east of the Colville River Delta. NSTI was chosen as the main telecommunications contractor because of the company’s expertise with a wide range of technologies and systems used in a modern oil field. The experience of the NSTI team allowed the … Read More

Denali Gas Pipeline Route Survey Communications Support

In mid-March of 2008, NSTI was tasked with the development of a portable and temporary wide area radio system to provide logistics and life safety communications support along the 200-mile survey corridor. The radio communications system needed to be operational by the end of May 2008. In the following ten weeks NSTI: Conducted a topography map survey and determined that over 95% of the route could be covered with UHF repeaters located at just four mountain top sites … Read More

HARMONY – The Prudhoe Bay Integrated Radio Network

In 2007, British Petroleum, as the operator of the Prudhoe Bay oil field chose Motorola’s ‘Harmony’ Integrated Digital Enhanced Network radio system to replace the multiple disparate and aging radio communications systems in use throughout its operating area. NSTI was chosen by Motorola and GCI to be the prime installation contractor for the 23 fixed sites required to provide seamless coverage throughout the operating area. NSTI also installed and distributed several … Read More

Alaska Land Mobile Radio Site (ALMR), Cooper Mountain

NSTI is consistently chosen for remote site work in harsh environments. We are able to quickly deploy technicians to sites only reachable by helicopters, snow machine, all-terrain vehicle or boat. Cooper Mountain is located near Cooper Landing, Alaska. NSTI was asked to build a remote telecommunications site in the dead of winter. From the harsh environment arose unique challenges. We successfully completed the project, including building out the existing shelter … Read More

Alaska Land Mobile Radio Site (ALMR), Wolcott Mountain

NSTI is able to provide highly qualified technicians to remote sites in extreme environments. NSTI is well practiced at materials management, schedule coordination of aircraft transportation and manpower in a timely and efficient manner. Because of these capabilities, NSTI was asked to provide remote telecommunication services to a site perched atop a 5000+ foot peak on the Kenai Peninsula, only accessible by helicopter. The project included the … Read More

90,000 BBL / Day Oilfield Telecommunication Systems

NSTI was selected to design and construct all of the permanent telecommunications facilities at the Alpine oil field on the North Slope of Alaska. NSTI worked closely with client telecommunication engineers to develop the necessary systems needed to meet the operational requirements. NSTI prepared detailed design documents, equipment bills of materials and received and staged all telecommunications materials. As individual facilities were prepared, NSTI shipped … Read More

Alpine 1,000-Man Construction Camp Communication Construction

NSTI was selected to be the prime telecommunications contractor providing communication support for the construction of the Alpine Development Project. NSTI designed and implemented a wide area safety and security radio communications network, which covered 100 miles of pipeline and ice roads in the construction area. Additionally, NSTI commissioned a wide area network of UHF repeaters, base stations, and mobile and handheld radios installed to provide each major … Read More