Communication Infrastructure & Digital Oilfield Solutions for Oil Exploration

NSTI has provided communication infrastructure and digital oilfield solutions support for the Alaskan petroleum industry for over 29 years. NSTI has received industry-wide recognition for its ability to respond quickly to unique communication challenges in the exploration environment and to provide reliable service under a variety of extreme weather conditions. NSTI has completed approximately 95 exploration communication support projects in the Alaskan on-shore and … Read More

Oooguruk Island Telecommunications System

NSTI was selected by Pioneer Natural Resources to engineer, acquire and install all project telecommunications infrastructure. Built as an offshore drill site, Oooguruk Island is located 5.4 miles off the North Slope of Alaska, east of the Colville River Delta. NSTI was chosen as the main telecommunications contractor because of the company’s expertise with a wide range of technologies and systems used in a modern oil field. The experience of the NSTI team allowed the … Read More

Alaska Land Mobile Radio Site (ALMR), Cooper Mountain

NSTI is consistently chosen for remote site work in harsh environments. We are able to quickly deploy technicians to sites only reachable by helicopters, snow machine, all-terrain vehicle or boat. Cooper Mountain is located near Cooper Landing, Alaska. NSTI was asked to build a remote telecommunications site in the dead of winter. From the harsh environment arose unique challenges. We successfully completed the project, including building out the existing shelter … Read More

Alaska Land Mobile Radio Site (ALMR), Wolcott Mountain

NSTI is able to provide highly qualified technicians to remote sites in extreme environments. NSTI is well practiced at materials management, schedule coordination of aircraft transportation and manpower in a timely and efficient manner. Because of these capabilities, NSTI was asked to provide remote telecommunication services to a site perched atop a 5000+ foot peak on the Kenai Peninsula, only accessible by helicopter. The project included the … Read More